“And you can expect a lot more same-sex sex and same-sex romance as the series continues because, as Nowalk puts it, ‘It’s part of life.’”
Anonymous said: How many episodes of htgawm have aired? And do you have any link or anything where I could see it?

Only one episode has aired, the next one comes out this thursday.
Here is a link that should work. :)

When is a monster not a monster? Oh, when you love it. Caitlyn Siehl

Because then you’d actually be admitting out loud to defending a guilty client, and who really has the time to deal with the moral repercussions of that.

Anonymous said: hey!!!! i was wondering if i should get into htgawm, and i probably will soon, but how soon depends on your answer. i know it just started, but does it look like there'll be canon f/f? i know there's m/m and awesome ladies, not to mention poc. but in a long line of things i've been meaning to watch, things with f/f go on the top always

Honestly? It doesn’t really look like it, but i don’t think it’s impossible.
Maybe, you should watch the first episode to decide wether you’re gonna put it on the top of your list?

I don’t really know

where the  w o r l d  is

ONE TIME WONDER: Four hunters ➝ Josephine Barnes (4/4)
bloopedyblap said: destiel with 4 maybe?


4. on the eyelids


its like on the forehead but like you sorta missed

also there are so many of these kiss meme things in my inbox and theyre all destiel and im not complaining



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that’s how you get away with murder.

i need to actively force myself to not spam my entire blog with how to get away with murder gifs

You should really pay attention. You might learn something.

2.10 Hunted